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Werewolf Beer?

I came across a beer display in the grocery store the other day, and couldn't believe this label:

I was figuring it was just a seasonal item, since it was only the day after Halloween, but apparently, this stuff is imported from Lithuania year round, though usually only to specialty stores. I like the warning directly under the name on the label, "You must be sure you wanna taste it!" I'm not sure if that's a "spooky" reference to it's possible ability to turn you into a raging beast (It come in an 8.2% alcohol version, and a single bottle is half a liter.), but I personally have my own little giggle, since Russian and other slavic beers are not known to be very tasty. I can't personally testify to the taste, since I'm currently avoiding beer, but beautiful graphic on the label. I had to pick up a bottle just to have it!

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